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Intensive Course

  • 8 Lessons3 hr 6 min
  • Original animation characters, vivid knowledge about dinosaurs
  • Learning STEM knowledge inspires scientific inquiry thinking
  • Chinese-English bilingual courses create a diverse learning environment
  • One Year Unlimited Replay [ Must-watch for Dinosaur Science Fans]
Dr. Bones Dinosaur STEM Classroom
    • 4 Lessons2 hr 53 min
    • MCQs, Short-answer questions (SAQs), and Problem Sums
    • Effective ways in checking of answers to minimise errors
    • Targetted practice questions to sharpen skills
    • Review and how to tackle high-level creative questions in past PSLE papers
    Intensive Course 2022 - PSLE Math Booster | Course 2
      • 6 Lessons5 hr 55 min
      • Summary of important points for each topic
      • Focus on topic-based Short Answer Question (SAQ) and Essay
      • How to identify, answer and revise for SAQs and Essay questions
      • Grasp important content knowledge easily
      Intensive Course 2022 - O-level Geography
        • 6 Lessons10 hr 30 min
        • Essay writing techniques using real-world examples
        • Summary and AQ answering techniques
        • Pocketbook of case-studies at your fingertips
        Intensive Course 2022 - A-level General Paper (GP)
          • 13 Lessons6 hr 42 min
          • Thematic revision of the topics
          • Inference and application questions
          • Open Ended Questions (OEQ) - Experiment / Data questions & commonly tested concepts
          • MCQ - Traps
          Intensive Course 2022 - PSLE Science
            • 15 Lessons7 hr 7 min
            • Uncover answering techniques and tips for Math
            • Discover essential exam strategies
            • Understand key concepts for the exams
            Perfect your O-Level Math score | Calculate swiftly and efficiently
              • 22 Lessons13 hr 37 min
              • Be aware of key content to memorise
              • Master application of key content
              • Address common questions and avoid pitfalls
              Ace your O-Level Chemistry exam | Achieve positive reaction by avoiding common pitfalls
                • 19 Lessons7 hr 34 min
                • Clear misconceptions on challenging topics
                • Master fundamental concepts from challenging topics
                • Attain answering tips for common type of questions
                Propel your O-Level Physics score | Think scientifically and logically
                  • 14 Lessons5 hr 56 min
                  • Obtain answering techniques
                  • Experience in-depth content revision and recall
                  • Learn through Mnemonics and Illustrations
                  Dissect your O-Level Biology exam | Digest content rapidly and answer accurately
                    • 10 Lessons5 hr 46 min
                    • Master simple frameworks for all components
                    • Gain tips on how to breakdown questions and answer them efficiently
                    • Acquire the skills to identify the types of questions and improve overall flow of argument
                    Ace your O-Level English | Speak, write and answer questions fluently
                      • 7 Lessons7 hr 8 min
                      • Uncover common mistakes
                      • Acquire answering tips on challenging topics
                      • Learn general answering tips for common open-ended questions
                      Master the PSLE Science syllabus | Score well by memorising less
                        • 31 Lessons12 hr 27 min
                        • Clear up misconceptions on key topics
                        • Master fundamental concepts from key topics
                        • Integrate key topics into other topics
                        Propel your A-Level Physics score | Think scientifically and logically
                          • 8 Lessons8 hr 4 min
                          • Acquire time-management skills
                          • Understand key revision topics and essential formulae
                          • Master answering techniques with 2 Mock Papers and 3 Exam Papers
                          Perfect your PSLE Math score | Calculate swiftly and efficiently| Course 1
                            • 10 Lessons7 hr 2 min
                            • Improve pronunciation in Oral and answering techniques for conversation
                            • Enhance problem-solving skills and open-ended answering techniques for comprehension
                            • Discover common composition topics and papers' formats
                            Redefine your PSLE Chinese score | Strengthen pronunciations and writing skills instantly
                              • 7 Lessons5 hr 27 min
                              • Obtain vital skills and knowledge to ace all components
                              • Master writing techniques and common composition topics
                              • Receive extensive coverage on how to handle comprehension
                              Ace your PSLE English | Speak, write and answer questions fluently
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