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Propel your A-Level Physics score | Think scientifically and logically

Video access opens from 20th August onwards! Time is ticking ⏰ It's time to take charge of your A-Level Physics grade and leave no regrets🙅🏻‍♀️ No doubt, if you wish to do well for A-level Physics, you'll need a solid foundation of the concepts tested. However, it won't be that challenging once broken done into simpler parts. Allow Yuan Zhe to help you overcome your barriers to ace your physics : *Clear misconception on key topics *Master fundamental concepts from key topics *Integrate key topics into other topics With this course, you'll get: *⏰ 26.5 hours of content * 30 episodes covering key topics for A-level Physics Key concepts in this course: * Forces, Work, Energy and Power, and Superposition * Electric Field, DC Circuits and Quantum Physics First episode available for free. Purchase the course to access all the episodes! *Remember to turn OFF silent mode 🔊 before playing the video


  • Clear up misconceptions on key topics
  • Master fundamental concepts from key topics
  • Integrate key topics into other topics


Yuan Zhe Lee
Yuan Zhe Lee
Teaching style
I'm a teacher by profession and a science enthusiast at heart! I like to break questions down to their simplest points. If you ask me how to ace science (especially physics), I'd say there are two keywords to remember: patience and practice!
Teaching experience
I've taught science and physics for over 7 years now as a private tutor, and have helped many students appreciate these subjects and do better in exams.
I graduated from NUS with Highest Distinction in BSc Physics and consistently earned the titles "Best Physics Student" & "Best Science Student" in university. I've also competed in the 2011 International Physics Olympiad!


What level is this suitable for?
This course is suitable for those who are planning to take their A Level examination this year.
If I'm in J1 this year, am I still able to enrol into this course?
Definitely! You'll be able to pick up key tips and strategies that is applicable to all exams, and get a headstart by getting to know the key topics and concepts tested in the A Level examinations. This will make understanding the topics and concepts easier when you have progressed on to J2.
How do I collect the accompanying study materials that come with the course?
Upon successful purchase of your plan, you will be able to unlock all episodes of the course and download a digital copy of the promised materials. We will also be sending you a link to a form for you to fill up your physical address, so that we can mail you a hard copy, if you’d like.
How long do I have access to my course(s)?
You’ll have lifetime access to the course(s) you’ve purchased. There are also no limits on how often you can watch the episodes, so feel free to rewatch each course as much as you like!
I accidentally bought the wrong course. Can I get a refund?
We're sorry, we're unable to refund any course(s) that have been purchased. Please ensure that you've selected the right course(s) before making payment.
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    Course trailer
31 Lessons12 hr 27 min
Lesson preview
    1. Preview: DC Circuits
Enroll to watch
    2. Forces
    3. Work, Energy and Power
    4. Episode 3: First Law of Thermodynamics
    5. Superposition
    6. Electric Fields
    7. DC Circuits
    8. Electromagnetic Induction
    9. Modern Physics
    10. Mock Exam A Paper 1 - MCQ
    11. Mock Exam A Paper 2 - Structured Questions
    12. Mock Exam A Paper 2 - Data Based Questions
    13. Mock Exam A Paper 3 Structured A
    14. Mock Exam A Paper 3 Structured B
    15. Mock Exam B Paper 1 - MCQ
    16. Mock Exam B Paper 2 - Structured Questions
    17. Mock Exam B Paper 2 - Data Based Questions
    18. Mock Exam B Paper 3 Structured A
    19. Mock Exam B Paper 3 Structured B
    20. Tricky Questions

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