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SnapAsk is inactive and not functional

Please note: SnapAsk is no longer being actively maintained due to lack of time. Most, if not all, features do not work or have serious bugs. Sorry for inconvenience.

SnapAsk is a way to get information using e-mail. It's simple:
  1. Add email to your cell phone or Blackberry's address book. [Download vCard]
  2. When you have a question, e-mail email with a command in the subject line (body of the e-mail can be blank)
  3. In less than 30 seconds, you'll receive an e-mail with the information!
SnapAsk is great for those who have e-mail access on the go (via cell phone, Blackberry, Treo, Sidekick, etc.). No need to browse or search the web over a slow connection. Get information the way you're familiar with - through e-mail.


Use the following commands by e-mailing email with the request in the subject line.

What do you want to ask?Example
flight statusflight continental 14
traffictraffic los angeles, ca
weatherweather dallas, tx
dictionarydefine scrupulous
local timetime moscow
stock quotequote msft
news searchnews iraq war
news headlinestop stories
sports news
world news
Wikipedia entrywiki cell phones (great for random trivia/bar bets!)
prefix "wiki" with a 2 letter language code (e.g. 'dewiki') to get international wikipedia
movie showtimesshowtimes bee movie seattle, wa
yellow pageslocal dragon bar in san francisco, ca
local pizza near van ness and clay, san francisco, ca
lyrics to find the name of a songlyrics "how to save a life" "where did I go wrong"
slang term definitionsurbandictionary crunk
sports scoresncaab (men's basketball)